If you’ve ever had tradesmen in your home – perhaps a plumber, electrician or a painter and decorator – it can be disruptive and even daunting. 

In a way, it feels like an invasion of your privacy and, nine times out of ten, the work takes longer than you’d expected. Especially if the operative has to suddenly drive off to pick up a part he didn’t have with him. We’ve all been there at one time or another and it can be extremely frustrating.   

Wouldn’t it have been better if they turned up with the right equipment in the first place!

Anyway, if you’ve found yourself in this situation – and, possibly as a result – been slightly put off of the idea of having a water softener installed, well, we are here to put your mind at rest.

How long does to take to install a water softener?

Despite any concerns you might have, fitting a water softener is actually a very easy process.  It can take as little as two hours but certainly shouldn’t exceed four. So, basically, the whole job can be completed within in a morning.  We’ll be in and out of your home in no time at all. 

We aren’t saying this to sound flash or cocky. It’s based on personal experience of having installed thousands of water softeners and drinking water systems over the years.   

Do you need to make an initial visit to survey the property?

We’ve covered the site survey issue in a separate blog but, in essence, with Scott Jenkins Water Softeners, we just make the one visit – to fit the system and that’s it. Job done! We don’t need to make an initial exploratory visit to do a site survey – these are really not required. And, when we arrive at your door, we will have all the necessary parts with us on the van. So, no driving off to the local plumbers’ merchants midstream to buy a valve! 

What does installing a water softener involve?

Installing a water softener is a very easy process. It involves cutting a few pipes to ensure your water supply is diverted through the softener and really that’s about the long and short of it. The vast majority of softeners can be fitted under the kitchen sink or, if space doesn’t permit, either in a nearby room (possibly a garage) or outside in a special cabinet. But usually, it should sit neatly under the sink.   

We’ve produced a helpful video showing how the water softener is linked to your hard water mains water supply, ensuring the water is  channelled through the softener so that soft water flows to all parts of the property.

And, by the way, if you want to return to using hard water every now and again, the video also demonstrates that, just by turning a couple of valves, you can by-pass the softener. Just remember to turn the valves back to the on position when you want soft water restored.  

In summary….

If you’ve had a bad experience with other trades and are hesitant about having yet another bloke in overalls turning up at your home, don’t be put off!  We are here to advise you that a visit from a Scott Jenkins Water Softeners’ engineer will involve the minimum of fuss and the maximum of satisfaction. 

SJ Water Softeners is one of the leading suppliers of water softeners and drinking water filtration systems in the south of England, covering the counties of West Sussex, East Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey. For all enquiries, call us on SJ Water Softeners on 01243 607494 or via email: scott@sjbs.info