Can I take my water softener with me when I move house?

Sep 12, 2019 | Health & Lifestyle

Yes! You can take your soft water system with you. There’s no need to start again from scratch.

If the system was there when you bought the house, or you’ve had it fitted subsequently, then you are perfectly at liberty to remove the water softener currently fitted in your property and take it with you – regardless of whether the place you are moving to is a completely different style or configuration.

Of course, much will depend on how handy you are at DIY; you may be able to do the entire job yourself – remove and refit – or you may prefer to have some expert assistance. If you do decide to take matters into your own hands, it should be relatively easy to disconnect the water softener from the mains supply. The instructions manual that came with the product will show you how to do this.

We can help, even if we did’nt originally install your water softener system.

Alternatively, if you are not too confident of your plumbing skills, then we can take care of everything for you.

Regardless of the age, make or model of the water softener, we can uninstall the system for you, store it and then refit it into your new home at the appropriate time. It doesn’t have to be a product that we fitted in the first place, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Again, we can look after the entire reinstallation process. On the assumption that your new property doesn’t already have a water softener in place, it may be necessary to carry out an inspection of the property’s current water supply and how this works. To ensure the refitting is carried out correctly, the first thing to establish is whether the property has its own water supply. After all, during installation, it’s important that only the supply to your property is turned off – and not to a dozen other households at the same time!

Will my warranty be affected?

No, it shouldn’t be. If you were the original purchaser, as long as you adhere to the owner’s manual and warranty guidelines, everything should remain in place. Again, if you are unclear and are concerned that you might invalidate your warranty, or damage the equipment during disconnection, please contact us first.

Is there a case for leaving my water softener intact in my old property?

When all is said and done, you may want to leave your existing system in place because it can be a very good selling point for anyone looking to buy your house. Leaving a perfectly serviceable system intact could actually add value. Of course, if your new home doesn’t have a water softener in place – and you really don’t want to go back to hard water again – then it would definitely pay to have a new system installed. And that’s where we can help you.

We have a number of long-standing clients who have moved home and decided to take their old softener with them. Similarly, we have many other customers who have decided to leave their original system in place and start again with a brand new installation after moving.

It all comes down to personal choice. If you are in the process of moving to a new home in East or West Sussex, Hampshire or Surrey and you’d like help on whether to retain your current soft water system or start afresh – just call us on 01243 607494 Mobile 0786 333 1416