In recent times, we are starting to notice a worrying trend creeping into the water softener industry – and we feel it would be helpful to customers to make you aware of what seems to be happening.

It appears certain manufacturers are heavily promoting particular types of water softener, which could be leading you into not having a choice of where to source salt, which is essential to run your softener properly! We aren’t naming names, although you may have already come across them, or had a bad experience dealing with their sales staff!

These are softeners that we would never recommend to our customers.

And here’s why.

These new-to-market products are being designed in such a way that they are really only suitable for the company’s own specific type, shape and size of salt. What they are aiming for you to do is to tie you in to buying their brand of salt for ever more. It’s good business for them – but not necessarily for you.

Just imagine, if the car you bought ran with a certain type of fuel that could only be sourced from one petrol station across the entire country? Would you buy that car? I think I know the answer!

Well, this is exactly the same situation being promoted by companies who are now selling water softeners geared to only work with one particular brand of salt. They’ve made a product that is largely incompatible with every other type of salt. It is a one-size-fits-all arrangement.

Our research into this has revealed that you probably can lay your hands on an alternative salt variety for these softeners, but it isn’t readily available and you may have to dig around for it. Not overly convenient!

The salt market is a competitive one and with the majority of softeners, there are always plenty of options from which to choose. Indeed, we sell all kinds of salt for water softeners ourselves but, even if you don’t decide to buy it from us, you’ve got a pick of places to purchase from, knowing full well that your softener is compatible with multiple types and brand of salt. Prices do fluctuate and you should have the right to shop around. That’s free-market economics.

But if you are locked into a manufacturer’s product-specific salt deal and there is nothing else you can readily use, then your ability to choose has been removed. You are at their mercy to charge you whatever they like for the salt. If they suddenly put the price up, there’s very little that you can do about it.

So, please don’t fall into the trap of being sold a water softener which is primarily suited to one, and only one, salt type.

Our suggestion is – stick to water softeners that are designed to be used with a variety of salt options. Beware this new breed of “lock-you-in-forever” softeners – in our view, they aren’t worth their salt!

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