We love our pets – especially our dogs. No wonder they are called “man’s best friend”!

As part of our “connection” with our beloved pooches, we spend hours grooming them. 

Dogs just love being pampered – which is why we spend an inordinate amount of time brushing and washing their coats. And, of course, we are more than happy to oblige! 

There’s nothing to match a clean smelling dog with a lovely shiny mane. But how much effort are you having to put in to get the results that you want? If you are continually bathing your favourite pet (or pets) in hard water, then this could actually be putting a bit of a dampener on the results.

You’ll certainly be working a lot harder than you need, to get the required finish. 

The facts are that dog hair responds in exactly the same way as human hair when it’s washed in hard water. 

And we know what the outcome of that can be like! 

Unsoftened water makes hair look lanky because it flushes away all the natural shine and sheen. The more you wash it, the worse it can be. That’s why soft water is such a salvation for our hair (a necessity even) and for our dogs, too.

Here’s why dogs can benefit from being washed in softened water: 

Healthy Skin

Because soft water doesn’t wash the living daylights out of skin, your dog’s hide will look in peak condition and stay that way. 

A Smoothy and Shiny Coat

Nothing can replace a lovely smooth coat. Regular rinsing and washing in soft water will ensure the coat retains a healthy-looking appearance and, if you use a shampoo as part of your grooming process, you’ll really notice how much further the suds will go using soft water. 

Pests don’t like Clean Dogs 

Pests and all types of little insects are drawn to dirty, matted dog hair. Equally, fleas and the like are repelled by clean vibrant coats. Regular washing will go a long way to stopping your dog from scratching and rubbing itself. After alI, if there’s nothing to irritate the skin – there’s nothing for your dog to scratch!     

Soft Water Reduces Odour

Dogs can give off unpleasant and unwanted odours, as we well know. Regular cleaning with soft water will keep smells away and help maintain a fragrant aroma. 

If you are still undecided about having a water softener installed in your home – and you are also a dog owner – now could be the perfect time to give the idea some serious consideration. Your favourite pooch (or pooches) will certainly thank you for it. And it will also make life a lot easier for you when it comes to keeping your dog clean. 

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