Some people love to shave, whilst others find it a complete pain in the butt which has to be endured to keep you looking presentable to the world at large.

Whatever camp you fall into, as sure as eggs are eggs, the whole shaving experience will be improved by using softened water.

The best quality shaves should feel slick and smooth, which is exactly the sensation you’ll get when your skin comes into contact with soft water. Hard water, conversely, is “heavier” because it contains scum-causing minerals which impede the flow of the blade.

And if you have sensitive skin which is susceptible to razor burns, chafing, dryness and soreness, hard water will only make these conditions worse.

If you have hard water in your home and are currently experiencing any of these “shaving shortcomings” most probably you’ll be a regular buyer of moisturisers to help protect your skin. Ironically, these moisturisers are often recommended by the very companies who make shaving products! They must know something…..

It doesn’t matter what type of all-singing, all-dancing razors you use – daily disposables, double or triple blades, cartridges etc. – soft water will keep them working at their optimum for longer. You won’t need to dispose of your razors nearly as frequently as you do shaving with hard water and the blades themselves won’t get as clogged up with grease and grime from your face.

And here’s another thing. With softened water, the foams and gels you use to shave with will also spread more effectively across the skin surface – and last longer as a result.

So soft water won’t only save you money shaving, your skin will look and feel a whole lot healthier for the experience.

Shaving companies can wax lyrical about their wonderful razors and gels – and we aren’t here to decry any of them – but the one thing more than any other that will help you get a smoother, closer shave is the quality of water they are used with.

And by “quality of water” we mean soft water.

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