How a Water Softener Works

Water softeners use the process of “ion exchange” to remove calcium and magnesium. Kinetico twin-tank softeners are filled with food-grade resin beads that are dosed with sodium ions. As the water passes through the tanks the resin beads attract and hold on to the magnesium and calcium minerals and “exchange” the sodium ions. This process makes the water soft.

Probably around once a day, depending on water usage, your softener will need to “regenerate” flushing off the magnesium and calcium ions on the resin beads. The non-electric water meter will tell the softener when to regenerate so no need to worry about setting meters.

All water softeners need salt to assist with the regeneration process helping to wash off the calcium and magnesium ions from the resin beads. That’s why you’ll need to replenish the salt when it gets low.

The unique Kinetico twin-tank softener means that you’ll receive continuous soft water 24 hours a day, as when the softener is regenerating one tank, you’ll still get beautiful soft water from the other. This is not the case with single-tank softeners where hard water can get into your system while the regeneration process is taking place.