Scott Jenkins Water Softeners operate extensively throughout West and East Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey – all areas where Persimmon Homes have an on-going programme of new build housing developments.  

These are all nicely appointed homes, varying in size and budget. But what they each have in common is that they start off life without one key ingredient – a water softener!

You may find this surprising, given that this part of the world is famed for being such a hard water area. But don’t be downhearted. As one of the leading soft water system specialists in the south-east of England, our company is ideally positioned to round of your new home from day one with a high-quality water softener. It will stand you in good stead, right from the off. Here’s why. 

Persimmon Homes New Builds in West Sussex



3 bedroom detached and semi-detached homes



Toddington Lane, Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN17 7GD

3, 4 & 5 bedroom detached, 2 bed apartments 



Manor Road, Selsey, Chichester, Selsey, West Sussex, PO20 0FR

2, 3 & 4 bedroom detached, semi-detached, end terrace & mid terraces 

Persimmon Homes New Builds in Hampshire



Bluebell Way, Whiteley, Fareham, Hampshire, PO15 7PF

A range of one, two, three and four-bedroom homes 


Oakcroft Lane, Stubbington, Fareham, Hampshire, PO14 2TF

A range of two, three and four-bedroom homes,



St. Georges Avenue, Havant, Hampshire, PO9 2RX

A range of two, three, four and five-bedroom

Did you know that as a new property homeowner, your new water softener will be VAT exempt 

If you are the verge of moving into your brand-new Persimmon home – you could be in line for an immediate 20% saving on a new water softener.

Everyone’s a winner, as they say! 

To what would you owe this good fortune? Well, as long as the property you’re buying has yet to be signed off, if you decide to have a water softener installed before that happens, then you won’t have to pay any VAT on the product. The softener is zero rated, VAT exempt. 

The reason this is the case is that water softeners are classed as white goods. On new build properties, these items happen to be eligible for VAT exemption. 

So why not take full advantage and go for a high quality, energy saving water softener – a nice finishing touch to your sparkling new Persimmon home!   

Claiming your 20% VAT exemption

To be eligible for your VAT refund on your new water softener, you need to apply to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) within 3 months of the work being completed. 

For the installation to qualify for VAT zero-rating, the work must take place during the course of the property’s construction. You can’t claim the 20% rebate on the water softener if the installation work begins after the new build is finished. 

If you are uncertain about what you need to do to claim back your 20% VAT exemption, don’t panic. We have been through this process many times on behalf of Scott Jenkins Water Softeners’ customers and we will be happy to help you with all the paperwork.

Why is water so hard in Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey?         

Across much of south-east England – especially coastal regions – putting up with hard water is a way of life. You can’t blame it on the rain – rainwater is actually soft. The real reason why water becomes hard is due to the soil in this neck of the woods.     

The counties of East and West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire all sit on mainly chalk or limestone soil, which is full of magnesium and calcium minerals. Once rainwater seeps into the soil underlay, these minerals have the effect of turning the water from soft to hard. It’s nature at work!   

Water hardness levels do vary across the region. However, they are normally in excess of 250 parts per million (ppm) pretty much everywhere – often higher still. To give you an indication of what this means, any reading above 200ppm is considered hard. At 300ppm, it’s time to be thinking about wearing a tin hat in the shower! Water softeners will bring these levels down to virtually zero.    

Here’s why water softeners improve your lifestyle 

If you aren’t especially keen on having a constant flow of hard water in your home, the best advice we can offer is to have a water softener installed. You’ll notice the advantages immediately! Our skin and hair adore soft water! It makes sure they remain looking naturally shiny and vibrant, whereas hard water simply washes the living daylights out of everything. You’ll see it with laundry, too. Bed linen, clothes and towels all feel much softer if they’ve been washed in soft water.     

With cleaning around the home, water softeners take care of much of the hard work for you! Hard water creates limescale, which is impossible to get rid of, if you continue to use hard water. Water softeners are highly effective at stopping the scale from accumulating. This means that household appliances – like washing machines, dishwashers and kettles – work more efficiently. Keeping kitchens and bathrooms clean is also a much more straightforward operation, requiring less elbow grease and certainly less expense. Softened water enables surfaces to remain clear of unsightly scale, meaning they retain that nice shiny finish for longer. And it’ll take less cleaning products to keep them in tip top condition.   

Water softeners help reduce your energy bills

Once you take possession of your new home – complete with new water softener – you’ll also be able to save money straightaway. You see, a water softener protects a central heating system from accumulating limescale in the pipework. On the other hand, hard water creates scale and, even over a relatively short period of time, will seriously downgrade the performance of the boiler, dramatically shortening its lifespan. These are expensive pieces of kit to replace!   

Without hard water in the system, central heating systems and household appliances can be allowed to perform to their optimum – day in, day out – and for far longer. This can also have huge implications with regards to those dreaded fuel bills. If your central heating system isn’t being impeded by limescale, it can pump out the correct amount of heat and hot water much more energy efficiently – so that your hard-earned money goes a whole lot further or can be used for other things.  

And it will all be thanks to that wonderful new water softener you decided to install before you took the keys to your perfect Persimmon home!   

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