Scott Jenkins Water Softeners operate in the areas where Miller Homes have a number of new build developments.  

These properties are a neat mix of 2,3 or 4-bedroom configured homes, all nicely appointed, but lacking in one key ingredient – a water softener!

This is quite surprising, given that so much of south-east England is subject to hard water. As one of the most dedicated soft water system specialists in this part of the world, we are ideally positioned to provide all the wonderful benefits that soft water can bring to new homebuyers – from the moment you take the keys. Indeed, the advantages a water softener and pure drinking water can offer Miller homeowners are far reaching. Read on to find out more….  

Miller Homes New Builds in West Sussex



Eastergate, PO20 3RX



Old Broyle Road, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 3PH



Bracklesham, PO20 8JE

Miller Homes New Builds in Surrey



Cranleigh, GU6 8UT

Miller Homes New Builds in Hampshire

Hedge End


Boorley Green, SO32 2BX

Oakley, near Basingstoke


Oakley, RG23 7EH

As a new property homeowner, your new water softener will be VAT exempt 

You may not realise it but, if you are on the cusp of moving into your brand- new Miller home, you could have a water softener installed and save yourself a bumper 20% on the price. 

Sounds good, doesn’t it! 

The reason behind this cost saving is that by choosing to have a water softener installed prior to the property being signed off, the softener price becomes zero rated for VAT.  

This is because water softeners are classed as white goods and, as such, qualify for VAT exemption in new builds. 

It’s always a time of great excitement and expectation when you move into a pristine new property. Why not go a step further by taking advantage of a discounted, high quality, energy saving water softener at the same time?  

Claiming your 20% VAT exemption

As mentioned, having a soft water system installed before moving in, entitles you to a VAT refund.  To claim the rebate, you will have to apply to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) within 3 months of the building work coming to an end.  

This is important because to be eligible for a zero VAT rating, the installation must be done whilst the construction is in progress, e.g., during the kitchen fit out or around that time. After the new build is complete, it isn’t possible to take advantage of the zero-rate VAT opportunity.  

If you need any help with sorting out your 20% VAT exemption paperwork, just let us know. We’ve been through the process many times on behalf of clients. 

What makes water so hard in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire?         

Across much of the south-east – and particularly along the coast – hard water is found everywhere! It can’t be blamed on the rain – rainwater is actually soft in its natural state. The culprit lies in the soil!     

The counties of West and East Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire lie on soil mostly composed of chalk or limestone, which is rich in calcium and magnesium minerals. Once rainfall reaches the underlay, these calcium and magnesium components get to work and turn the water from soft to hard.   

Water hardness levels can vary throughout the region. Generally, however, they are above 250 parts per million (ppm) – often higher still. Any reading over 200ppm is deemed to be hard. At 300ppm, it’s time to think about wearing a tin hat in the shower! A water softener completely solves that problem. The reading will come down to virtually zero with soft water on the go.    

Here’s why water softeners improve your lifestyle 

If you are a homeowner who isn’t impressed with the prospect of having permanent hard water flowing through the taps, the best suggestion is to install a water softener. The benefits will be instantaneous! Skin and hair love soft water – it ensures they retain their naturally shiny and vibrant looking condition. On the other hand, hard water washes the living daylights out of everything. The same applies to laundry; clothes, towels and linen always feel much softer to the touch if they are washed in softened water.     

As for cleaning, water softeners make all the difference! You see, hard water is the prime cause of limescale build-up – which can be a pest around the home. Water softeners, however, keep scale from building-up in the first place, stopping it from accumulating in household appliances, like washing machines, dishwashers, kettles and even the iron! It also means less elbow grease – and expense – when cleaning kitchens and bathrooms. With softened water in the home, surfaces stay shiny for longer and use up less detergents in the process. 

A water softener will also help reduce your energy bills.

With soft water in place in your brand-new Miller home, you’ll also be able to save money straightaway. Your water softener is designed to protect the central heating system from accumulating limescale. Over time, hard water will clog up the pipework, seriously downgrading the boiler and dramatically shortening its lifespan. These are expensive pieces of kit to repair and replace!  

Free from hard water, your central heating system and household appliances can do their job unencumbered, working in mint condition for far, far longer. As a result, you’ll benefit from keeping energy bills down to a minimum, ensuring your hard-earned money can be put to other things.  

Don’t thank us – thank that wonderful new water softener you had the good sense to have installed in your new Miller home!   

For further information or to book your installation time, call SJ Water Softeners today on 01243 607494.