Given the importance we place on putting our clients first, we are delighted to welcome Lauren Hartt into the fold, as our new Head of Customer Relations. It is a role to which she is ideally suited, following 16 years of customer service experience.  

Prior to joining us, Lauren was Branch Manager at Fat Face in Brighton and, before that, she worked in retail management alongside Kristie Jenkins, our Customer Services Manager and sister of Scott Jenkins, who founded the company back in 2012.  

Speaking of her appointment, Lauren said she was thrilled to be renewing acquaintances with the Jenkins clan. “For me, this is extremely special and exciting, as I’ve known Scott Jenkins and his family for 11 years now and I feel very privileged to be part of his family-run water softener business.

“I am very much a people person. It is always a highlight for me to engage with customers and to make sure they are happy and that we have met their expectations,” she added. “This has always been a priority for Scott and Kristie and I am delighted to be tasked with doing all I can to fine tune the service, to maximise our offering and enhance the overall customer experience.” 

When time permits and the sun is shining, Brighton resident Lauren likes nothing more than going for a swim in the sea… as long as the water isn’t too cold that is! And talking of water, her next adventure is learning how to paddleboard.