Improving water quality in Zambia

Our installations of Kinetico water softeners help to support the Just a Drop foundation. A charitable organisation with the aim of providing clean water in countries such as Zambia.

The current reality for families in these situations is a daily walk of many miles with a 20kg jerry can of water. After this ordeal the water they bring back home is ridden with diseases such as dysentery, diarrhoea and cholera.

Just a Drop's current project is to provide boreholes, hygiene and sanitation to a village of hundreds of people. This will allow the villagers access to clean safe water for the first time.

Just a Drop help to provide clean water to Zambian villagers


Buckingham Palace

Installed in the Royal Suite at Buckingham Palace

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J D Wetherspoon

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The Royal Mint

Cleaning coins with ultra-pure water for over 20 years

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