Where would we be without Kristie Jenkins?

Since she started working for SJ Water Softeners in September 2019, Kristie has become a key part of the business, in her wide-ranging role of Office/ Customer Services Manager.  

In a small and growing business, it’s a really important customer-interfacing position and one which suits Kristie down to the ground, having previously spent more than 15 years in customer services – primarily in retail management, for stores such as The Body Shop and Fat Face in Brighton. 

Kristie now handles all enquiries that come into the SJ Water Softeners’ office, taking bookings, orders and payments. On occasions, when she is able, she also acts as troubleshooter, helping customers fix any issues over the phone where possible, thereby avoiding any unnecessary call outs. 

So what’s the connection between Kristie and Scott, given that they share the same surname? It’s a popular misconception that they must be married to each other. In fact, Scott and Kristie are brother and sister. “Customers regularly think we must be husband and wife,” Kristie explains, “but when I tell them we aren’t, they often comment that it must be hard to work with a sibling. For me, it isn’t – I really enjoy it,” said Kristie.  

She added: “I have built lots of great relationships with our customers old and new and I love hearing their stories on the phone. Over time, they become friends.  I truly believe this is what is missing from faceless larger companies. You never speak to the same person twice and you are just a number. Here, we thrive on building a personal service with our clients, treating everyone with respect and as an individual.”