To ensure your water softener regenerates effectively, it will be necessary to replace salt on a regular basis.  

You’ll know when it is time to put fresh salt into the softener because, with most systems, two red lines will be visible in the salt chamber.  

To change or replace the salt, remove the plastic lid, make sure the finger grips are facing forward and hold the block vertically to ensure the salt goes into the chamber correctly. Then replace the lid and you are all topped up and ready to go.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s a very simple process to repeat but our short video shows you how it’s done. 

If I run out of salt, what happens?

You won’t cause any lasting damage, but your water softener will no longer soften your water until you refill it with block salt. It is never advisable to run low on salt, which is why we always recommend that you regularly check the salt levels. 

How often will the salt need changing in my water softener? 

The amount of salt required to top up your water softener will vary according to the model and size of water softener that has been installed.  

The frequency of refills will depend largely on how much water you use in your home. A family of six, for instance, are likely to have greater demand for water than a single occupant. That said, we recommend that you check the salt level in your water softener every couple of weeks. For most properties, however, at least a once-a-month block salt top up will required. 

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