Here’s why EcoWater is the most intelligent Soft Water System on the Market

Aug 1, 2019 | Service & Technical

At SJ Water Softeners, we sell the two smartest makes of softeners on the market – EcoWater and Kinetico. You couldn’t ask for more! But as there is so much ground to cover, in this blog, we focus specifically on EcoWater.    

Technology has now reached an amazing level, offering you unprecedented control and flexibility that can be tailored specifically to your household requirements.

The eVolution system from EcoWater

The eVOLUTION system from EcoWater uses state-of-the-art water softening technology and unique smart software to provide the ultimate in reliability, efficiency and convenience.

eVOLUTION water softeners are designed to run at optimal efficiency, in terms of both salt and regeneration water. And compared to a basic block salt softener system, your running costs could reduce by up to 50% per year!

Using smart design and smart technology, the eVOLUTION range of water softeners offer long lasting, tailored solutions adapted to your lifestyle, to suit any size of home and number of occupants – all based on patterns of water usage. It’s cost effective, too. Monthly running costs for a family of four are typically just £6.50 per month.

Above all, you will always have soft water when you need it.

Go a step further with the eVOLUTION Refiner. Which as well as softening the water by removing magnesium and calcium, its carbon activated inbuilt system removes other nasties that crop up in our water.

The following elements are removed from your water by the EcoWater Refiner 300 and 500 water softeners

Chlorine, Large organic molecules, Trihalomethanes Carbon tetrachloride, Tetrachloroethylene, Toluene, Trichloroethane, Vinyl chlorides Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE), Pesticides, Phenol, Herbicides, Benzene, Solvents, Xylenes about 50 volatile organic chemicals (VOCs)

Whole House Filter Systems

But what if you’d like to filter the nasty elements from your water supply and you haven’t got sufficient space in your property to accommodate a EcoWater Refiner 300 or 500 water softener? Well, as an alternative, it’s perfectly possible for us to install a whole house water filter system, using a highly effective carbon filter. 

EcoWater’s Intelligent Volumetric Control

With Ecowater, your water softener is managed by smart software and will adapt itself automatically to optimal settings, based on your water consumption.

With a high contrast graphic display with extended display information, it’s simple to use. For instance, the water softener, using a real time sensor, will automatically indicate when it needs more salt. And a light will illuminate the salt tank when opening the lid.

What makes EcoWater products so Reliable? 

  • Minimum moving parts and almost exclusively corrosion free materials to avoid wear and tear
  • Multi-wrap fibreglass reinforced resin tank with a 10-year warranty.
  • High flow Single Valve
  • High flow rates and low pressure drop with no interruption in water flow
  • Use Tablet Salt which is considerably cheaper than block salt
  • The most cost-efficient and long-lasting solution to hard water problems.
  • Water controlled by Wi-Fi

The cleverness continues! For your convenience, a standard Wi-Fi function allows you to connect your eVOLUTION softener to your Wi-Fi network for convenient monitoring and management – via your PC, tablet or smartphone. eVOLUTION softeners also work perfectly well without a Wi-Fi connection, without any loss of performance.

By using customised alert messages, your softener can warn you via text messages or e-mail when the salt level is low, or if potential issues are detected, such as continuous water flow above normal usage.

You can also remotely launch a regeneration or adjust your alert settings.

Meanwhile, a simple and secure online dashboard provides appliance information at a glance, such as number of days until the salt tank will be empty, recharging schedule and your water usage.

Currently, there are eight fabulous eVOLUTION Water Softeners from EcoWater in our shop ranging in price from £1595 for the most compact version through to £2308 for householders requiring heavy duty usage. There’s an eVOLUTION softener designed to suit every lifestyle!   

EcoWater Softeners offer Remote Support 

If you wish, you can grant remote access to your softener to EcoWater’s technical team. This way a first diagnostic can be made, without you having to stay at home. Support can be provided as needed.

There is no doubt that the sophistication offered by EcoWater is the future, as far as water softener technology is concerned. They both have their merits and would grace any home. It really comes down to personal preference and what exactly you require from your soft water system.

What we can say is that if you live in the south of England – particularly in West or East Sussex, Hampshire or Surrey – SJ Water Softeners can provide customers with the very best ways to manage soft water consumption – reliably, cost effectively and, if required, remotely. Feel free to browse the shop for more detailed information about our EcoWater Water Softeners or contact us on  01243 607494 or via email