Where will your new water softener be installed? A Scott Jenkins Site Survey will provide the answer!

Surveys – free of charge

Appointments at a time to suit

Carried out by a qualified engineer

Quick, in-and-out inspections

Once you have made your decision to purchase one of our water softeners, or you are on the verge of doing so, the next step is to either book a convenient time for us to carry out the installation, or to arrange a site survey.

Site surveys are not mandatory. Indeed, the majority of our customers opt not to have one because the installation process is usually very straightforward.

However, for a number of new clients it is a sensible decision for us to undertake a pre-installation inspection, in order to check the layout of your property and to decide upon the most appropriate position for the water softener.

Please be advised, our surveys are not sales calls!

What’s the best location for my new water softener?

There are many places where it is perfectly feasible to fit a water softener within a property. We’ve created this handy tool to help you find the best location at y our house.

When one of our engineers attends, the first priority is to locate the stopcock. This will determine the most practical location for the water softener, to ensure it is sited as close to the mains water feed as possible.

Usually, the stopcock will be found under the kitchen sink which is where most water softeners will fit.

But if it turns out that it is impractical to install the equipment in this area, perhaps due to space constraints, there are plenty of alternative options around the home.

Water softeners can easily be installed in:

  • kitchen cupboards
  • utility rooms
  • garages
  • lofts
  • outside in a weather-proof cabinet.

Whatever the final decision on its location, rest assured our knowledgeable staff will always provide the best possible advice and assistance.

To book your site survey, call us on 01243 607494 or email kristie@sjbs.info