No more Filter Jugs or Bottled Water
Delicious filtered water at a fraction of the cost per litre whilst protecting the environment by minimising plastic waste and without the hassle of filter jugs that provide limited quantities of water.

Great Tasting Water
Clear water ideal for preparing food; perfect for cooking pasta, washing and preparing fruits and vegetables

Independently Certified Filter
The Aqua Taste uses a 5 micron granular activated carbon filter to improve the taste, smell and colour of your drinking water and has an 1850 litre capacity.

Unlike many other carbon filters, Kinetico filters have been independently tested and certified to NSF International Standard 42 to deliver continuous water quality performance through the filter cartridges life time

Simple, Easy and Economical
Kinetic water filters fit easily and neatly under the kitchen sink and their unique ‘twist and lock’ system means they are easy to replace. The Aqua Taste does not require electricity so is economical too.

Peace of Mind
Each filter is fitted with a MacGuard TM Which prevents the user from drinking unfiltered water. This unique and patented device measures the amount of water passing through each filter and stops the flow of water once the filter cartridge is exhausted.

It is also fitted with a PureMometer which is Kinetico’s revolutionary filter life indicator, this will tell you when your cartridge needs replacing.



How will I know my filter needs replacing?

Water flow will slow down and eventually stop.

How often will I need to replace my filter?

That completely depends on your water usage. The filter has an 1850 litre capacity so once that is met the filter will need replacing however, if the capacity is not met the filter expires after 12 months and will still need replacing.

This is approximately 5 litres a day.

What if I forget to order my filter in time?

Don’t worry, we have already thought of this for you. At Scott Jenkins Water Softeners we offer a subscription service, once you join we will deliver you filter when it is due based on your usage. We often tie this in with your salt order and your annual service.

*Please note:

During your first year of having filtered water we will be learning how much water you use, as a rule of thumb we would put an order in for your filter 2 weeks before the end of your first year, however, some households may or may not meet the 1850 litre capacity before or after a 12 month time frame so just give us a call and let us know if you feel it may run out sooner. It’s not a problem having it sooner, just change when it’s ready.