To be candid – no, it doesn’t. Unless it isn’t working, in which case it would be called a repair and not a service.

But to be on the safe side? Yes, you should really. Servicing makes good sense – for a variety of reasons. Here’s why.

It doesn’t matter what you buy – a house, a car, just about any consumer product you can think of – they never last forever. Everything goes wrong, or packs up altogether, as a result of constant use – especially if it isn’t properly maintained.

You are unlikely to buy a car – brand new or second hand – and never have it serviced. Well, you might, but it wouldn’t be advisable. The oil needs changing, the brake pads don’t last indefinitely, the tyres need replacing, and so on.
It’s the same with water softeners. Make no mistake, they are sturdy pieces of kit designed to last for years and years – at least the ones that we sell are – but, like anything, they do deteriorate if ignored. They DO respond to TLC. And that’s why we would advocate that you take out one of our Annual Service Plans, if you haven’t done so already.

To give you an idea of why it’s so important to have your water softener regularly serviced, have a look at our YouTube video, which shows the sort of unexpected blockages that can develop and, which left unchecked, could cause a complete system breakdown. 

What do I get with a SJ Water Softeners Annual Service Plan?

This is a once-yearly inspection – a Health Check, if you like – to make sure your water softener is in sound working order. Admittedly, there isn’t much that can go wrong but, during the annual check, we’ll look to see that there aren’t any leaks, that the resin is given a good clean (very important) and that all is well generally with the working parts. The bypass valves are checked and the overflow is cleared of any blockages and potential kinks that could occur.
An annual inspection will prolong the life of your water softener, but that’s not all – it will also save you money on ‘pay-as-you-go’ servicing.

The whole package costs just £95 inclusive of VAT.

In addition to what’s described above, you will also save on parts (if they need replacing) and on your salt supplies. At the time of your Health Check, we will provide you with a sufficient stock of salt to last until the next annual inspection – saving you money on bulk purchase and on delivery charges.

If parts need replacing, like filters, we’ll take £10 off the standard price of a replacement. Plus, we will give you a 10-year warranty on all parts – as opposed to the standard manufacturers’ warranty that you would otherwise receive.

We’ll also include a faucet tap and filter (worth £120) free of charge.

What happens if my water softener is only serviced when something goes wrong?

For a start – this will cost you more! There’ll be a call out charge of £120 and then, on top, hourly labour costs to undertake the repair, plus the price for any parts that need replacing as well. It could all end up becoming quite expensive.

We’d reiterate that water softeners rarely breakdown – but it has been known. And if they aren’t regularly serviced – via one of our Annual Health Checks – you are increasing the possibility of something going wrong through lack of attention.
So, having an effective service plan in place will give you protection, provide you with the benefit of extended warranties on parts and ensure you’ve got all the salt you need until your next Water Softener Health Check is due in 12 months’ time. For £95, we think this adds up to a great package.

We call you two weeks before the health check is due and book you in for a time that’s convenient for you. You won’t have to think of a thing – we’ll take care of everything. So that’s one more thing off your ‘to do’ list.

Do I have to be an existing SJ Water Softeners customer to have a Service Plan?

No, you don’t. This is available to everyone. If you have had your soft water system installed by another provider and, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with the service, or they are no longer in business, we will be pleased to set you up on one of our Service Plans. 

We service all makes and models, so there is no need to feel abandoned. We have many satisfied customers who had previously been dissatisfied customers of other water softener companies!  

Our aim is to provide you with long term peace of mind and to ensure that you have a soft water system that is reliable and well-maintained throughout its lifecycle. It shouldn’t be any other way.

As the leading water softener suppliers for West Sussex (and parts of Hampshire and Surrey), join the hundreds of customers saving money by being signed up to an SJ Water Softeners Service Plan. For further information, contact SJ Water Softeners on 01243 607494 or via email: