At SJ Water Softeners, we have long been admirers of Quooker products – we often come across them in kitchens when installing our soft water systems.  

Having a fashionable, good-looking tap that provides on-demand boiling hot water – without needing a kettle – has plenty of advantages. Style, convenience and reliability for a start! And that’s what Quookers are famed for.  

With this in mind, we are delighted to add the Quooker brand to our stable of premium products.  

It means we are now authorised to install and service Quooker taps. So, when we arrive to install your all-singing, all-dancing water softener, SJ Water Softeners can also fit an all-singing, all-dancing Quooker at the same time!

Why water softeners are so important for the welfare of taps and sinks

In southern England, hard water is ever present. It’s a scourge, causing all sorts of issues with limescale. Scale build-up doesn’t only look unsightly, in time it will have a major impact on energy costs and the performance of your household appliances.   

Regardless of whether a Quooker tap is providing instant hot or cold water, it will still be hard (unless you have a water softener). And in the long run, the constant flow of hardened water isn’t going to do the tap, or its innards, any favours.   

To ensure Quooker products stay looking the part, water softeners make perfect companions!

Can softened water be connected to Quooker Taps?

The answer is yes, absolutely!  

Our range of water softeners and soft water filters, whether standard or reverse osmosis systems, are all compatible with Quooker products. A water softener to combat hard water and a water filter for your drinking supply – all channelled through your Quooker installation.   

If you have an existing Quooker tap, assuming that your water pressure is within an acceptable range (it should be, but we can check this for you), then we can provide a seamless, tailored soft water solution to meet your requirements.  

Next steps…

Introducing soft water into the mix has a range of benefits, one of which is to ensure that your Quooker investment is protected. By reducing or eradicating any limescale build up in the unit, the whole system will last far longer. Which will mean you get the best possible use from your trendy tap!  To book your installation, call us today on 01243 607494.