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What is hard water?

Monday, May 04, 2020


You can’t tell whether water is hard or soft simply by looking at it. Either way, it
should appear pretty much crystal clear. What determines its hardness is the
amount of minerals and chemicals contained within it.
When water is said to be hard, it is because it has a high mineral content.
Interestingly, when water falls from the sky as rain, it isn’t hard. It’s what lies in
the ground below that influences whether it will become hard or not. As water
percolates through the ground, if it is met by deposits of limestone, chalk or
gypsum, which are mostly made up of calcium and magnesium, it is these
deposits that turn the water hard.
And because the soil content in this area, i.e. Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey,
contains loads of limestone and predominantly chalk, it is inevitable that the mains
water supply coming into our homes is just about the hardest type of water found
anywhere in Britain.
That’s why water softeners are so popular in the south of England.
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