​Bad hair day – Oh, for a water softener!

May 5, 2020 | Health & Lifestyle

The following observation has been sent to me in recent days by a lady I know, which I thought would be great to share with you if you are considering having a soft water system installed in your home.
Having moved away from the Sussex area several years ago, this Christmas and New Year, it was wonderful to be back home in the sunny south, catching up with friends and family and generally being reacquainted with places that were once so familiar.

We moved to the Isle of Man in 2003 – a place with a charm of its own, but an Island that is, nevertheless, very different to the Sussex I knew and loved when growing up.

The list of dissimilarities between the two locations is as long as your arm, but there’s one big issue that raises its head (literally!) every time we venture back to the south of England – the water!

For all its faults, one thing that the Isle of Man caters for extremely well is soft water. Everywhere you go there is a plentiful supply of soft water from the mains. It doesn’t taste particularly great, mind you, but as far as washing is concerned, alongside general daily use, the water is fine.

Compare and contrast this with Sussex. It’s like night and day. When visiting, we normally stay in hotels or Air BnB accommodation which rarely, if ever, has anything other than good old fashioned hard water running through the taps.

This makes for some exceedingly bad hair days!

As a natural redhead with curly locks, I take great pride in having hair that has retained both its original colour and vibrant looks.

But within 24 hours of being back in Sussex, wow, do I notice the change!

The colour remains the same, thankfully, but whereas on the Isle of Man my hair stays permanently curly, after one hair wash in Sussex, the curls all but disappear. The longer we stay, the worse it gets. Out with the curls, in with straight, lifeless locks! What is a girl to do!

The solution, of course, lies in soft water. Hard water is harsh on your skin and on your hair. Yes, hard water washes your hair OK but it flushes away all the natural vigour and vibrancy at the same time. If you have stayed away from the area for any period of time, on holiday for example, in a place where there is soft water, you’ll almost certainly know what I’m talking about.

When we return to live in Sussex, which is our plan, we will either make sure we move to a house where soft water system has already been installed, or make it a priority to have a soft water system installed.

Sussex is great in so many ways, but I can’t take many more bad hair days.

Scott, can you come to the rescue, please!