We are big fans of Checkatrade. As a company that’s in the business of providing a trade to consumers, we believe that their organisation provides an invaluable watchdog-style service. It helps customers sort the wheat from the chaff and select the most appropriate tradesperson for their requirements.  

The Scott Jenkins name has been with Checkatrade since 2007, initially as a plumber but primarily under the Scott Jenkins Water Softeners brand. During all this time, we have consistently scored highly with Checkatrade and this is something we value greatly.   

Anyway, Scott happened to scroll through the Checkatrade website recently when he came across an article they had published entitled Water Softener Price Guide.

Coincidentally, we had created a blog about 12 months ago on this very same subject. In our narrative, we provided readers with an outline of what sort of financial outlay they would realistically need to set aside if they were to install a water softener. The prices we quoted covered budget end products through to premium level alternatives. The article also gave figures for the on-going running costs of a soft water system. 

In the intervening period, we know this blog has helped many water softener customers reach an informed purchasing decision. 

The fact that Checkatrade thought it a good idea to publish a price guide for consumers at this time is something we would always have fully supported. The only problem was that when Scott read the article, he could quickly spotted a number of unintentional errors which would have been picked up by industry insiders. As he explained: “By and large, the Checkatrade piece was very constructive, but I thought there were some areas that needed clarification and some of the pricing did appear to be a little wide of the mark.   

“So, I got on to Checkatrade and asked them, given our many years of industry experience, whether they would mind if we provided some input on the true outlay for having a water softener in 2022, including the ongoing running costs, such as salt supplies, annual servicing etc. 

“To Checkatrade’s credit, Olivia, who wrote the article, was delighted to engage with us and we subsequently worked with her to change some of the figures and to clarify one or two other areas in the commentary section,” added Scott.   

Above all, we’d like to thank Checkatrade for taking our feedback onboard.  As a result, we hope the amended article they have produced, which you can click to read here will be of genuine assistance for anyone looking to buy a water softener at the current time. 

Meanwhile, here you can read our article on ‘How much does a Water Softener Cost?’  

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