If you don’t have the room or configuration indoors to house a water softener, a sturdy, frost-resistant external cabinet can be relied on to provide the perfect home for your soft water system – whatever the weather. 

What are the benefits of Outside Cabinets for water softeners?

  • They insulate and protect the softener from the harshest weather conditions.  
  • Insulated cabinets are a great idea if your incoming mains or stop tap is awkwardly located. 
  • They are ideal for properties with compact kitchens where cupboard and storage space are limited.

Outside Cabinets for Block Salt Softeners

Fully insulated, polypropylene outside frost cabinets, in beige, black or wood, are designed for all non-electric Kinetico Kinetico Water Softeners, providing year-round protection – whatever the weather has in store!

Outside frost-resistant Cabinets for EcoWater softeners

Providing protection from the harshest conditions, these hand-made, weather-proofed outside cabinets are ideal for housing all externally located Ecowater water softeners. Available in three sizes – small, tall and jumbo – each one is individually built from glass reinforced plastic and insulated with polystyrene. 

Ecowater cabinets are most effective when positioned against the outside wall of an occupied property. 

For ease, the mouldings come with lifting handles and a separate drip strip.  

There’s a choice of four colours. Standard brown is normally available ex stock. For green, white or black cabinets, please allow 14 days delivery. 

Cabinets are also suitable for other makes of water softener – so don’t be put off if your existing product is not an EcoWater or Kinetico product.  

What size of Cabinet will I need for my Water Softener? 

Small: Fits machines up to 24″ high, e.g., Ecowater eVOLUTION 100 and 200, Culligan Waterside MC350, MiniMax, Kinetico

Tall: Fits machines up to 34″ high e.g., BWT 14L, EML 15

Jumbo: Fits machines up to 33″ high, e.g., Ecowater eVOLUTION 300 HAUGE 410 BWT

A frost watcher provides added protection for your Water Softener

Additionally, for the most exposed installations (north-facing, for instance), you may find a frost watcher comes in handy (that’s a tube heater with thermostat). Talk to us about how the frost watcher could be integrated with your EcoWater, Kinetico andnd other makes of water softener.   

If you have a small kitchen and feel that an outside cabinet would be the best place to position your water softener, call Scott Jenkins Water Softeners on 01243 607494 or email: scott@sjbs.info  and leave the rest to us!

You can also get an instant water softener quote from us.