Switching to soft water can improve your life

Your water supply at home is continually involved in all aspects of your life.

Here in the South of England a lot of our fresh water passes through layers of limestone and chalk picking up small amounts of these minerals as it does - this is how we end up with "hard" water.

This water hardness is a part of daily life, it's the reason you get water marks on your shower screen and your drinking glasses but it has a number of other effects too.

Effects of hard water in your home include -

  1. Your surfaces and glassware shows water marks and appear dull
  2. Your chrome taps have a cloudy white residue or look grimy
  3. Your water heating appliances (kettles, washing machines and boilers) become clogged with limescale


  1. Your now less efficient heating appliances increase your energy bills
  2. You use more chemicals and soaps - as hard water produces less bubbles
  3. Your hair feels less smooth and skin conditions like dryness or eczema are worsened


Luckily, Scott Jenkins has the solution

Scott Jenkins

Scott was a plumber by trade and started his own plumbing company in 2002. The business grew successfully over the course of the next 10 years.

In 2012 Scott's daughter Maisie was born with eczema. Scott installed a water softener at home in an effort to help relieve her symptoms and was stunned by the effect it had.

Since then Scott has been spreading the word, and debunking the myths around water softeners and now installs over 300 water softeners every year for all kinds of different customers.

These self contained, easy to maintain systems can be installed anywhere in your home and offer a continuous uninterrupted supply of soft water.

Sparkling Homes Sparkling
Healthy Hair Healthy Hair &
softer skin
Longer Lasting Appliances Longer Lasting
Lots more bubbles lots More
Lowering your bills lowering
your bills

Ready to find out more?

Scott would love to tell you more about your soft water options and show you the differences that soft water can make to your home. Switching to soft water is simpler than you might think.

Scott will come visit your home to discuss all of your options to get you the best solution for your needs and how you use your home. Scott Jenkins Water Softeners are partners with Kinetico and EcoWater meaning we can install anywhere in your home. We can provide options that work with or without an electrical supply, and even install smart, modern water softeners you can manage and control from your smartphone. There really is an option for everyone.

Scott is a local specialist installer rather than a general plumber so he knows all these options inside-out and has installed softeners in thousands of homes, so you'll benefit from his expert knowledge.

Water softener over WiFi
Drinking soft water
EcoWater Installed

No hard sales, no obligation to buy

Scott thinks it's only right that you feel comfortable about your options and choices. So before anything happens why not arrange a no obligation demonstration in your own home and see the difference soft water makes.


Buckingham Palace

Installed in the Royal Suite at Buckingham Palace

Five Guys

Preventing scale in hot water systems as the chain expands


De-Ionising water to support manufacturing

J D Wetherspoon

Improving reliability of hot water systems nationwide


Installing water softeners for NHS Home Kidney Dialysis


Delivering soft water to London’s most luxurious hotel


Over a decade of installations in new build stores

The Royal Mint

Cleaning coins with ultra-pure water for over 20 years

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