Harvey Minimax Major


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All the water softeners we install in the Minimax range are non-electric and come with accurate displacement meters that are designed for all kinds of British plumbing systems. You will also benefit from a 10-year parts guarantee from the date of purchase.

  • Installation in around half a day
  • Designed to work with all types of British plumbing system
  • Easy to maintain – just top up with block or tablet salt for optimum performance
  • Round the clock, on demand soft water – however much you require
  • Flow rates up to 80 litres per min.
  • Regeneration time 20 mins (37 litres of water)

Additional Information

Thanks to the most advanced twin-cylinder technology which provides sufficient capacity to cater for a property that has up to 4 bathrooms, the Minimax Major is ideal for large, sprawling houses or even for business use.

It’s flexible and hassle free, in that it can run on both salt tablets or block salt.

We will plumb the water softener into your incoming or rising main, ensuring that you experience soft water throughout your property. As with the Minimax 3, the Major’s versatility enables the salt cabinet to be conveniently sited either side of the main softener cabinet.

In addition to our softeners, talk to us about the other great products in the Minimax range, including block salt, our great selection of 3-way and faucet taps and our super concentrated non-bio washing powders.

Our supply-only machines are sold on a return to base warranty. Please note that this machine doesn’t come with a fitting kit as standard.