Block Salt Softener Outside Cabinets


These fully insulated, polypropylene outside frost cabinets are designed for all non-electric Kinetico and Harvey water softeners, providing year-round protection -whatever the weather has in store!

The Benefits

  • Will insulate and protect the softener from the harshest weather conditions.  
  • Insulated cabinets are a great idea if your incoming mains or stop tap is awkwardly located. 
  • Ideal for properties with compact kitchens where cupboard and storage space are limited.

Additional information

Colours and Styles – Beige, Black, Wood 

Additionally, for the most exposed installations, you may find a frost watcher comes in handy (that’s a tube heater with thermostat). Price £168.45 inc. VAT. Talk to us about how the frost watcher could be integrated with your Kinetico and Harvey products.  

Inside cabinet dimensions: 515 × 518 × 335mm.