Harvey Water Softener

Harvey is the leading UK manufactured brand of water softeners. They’ve been around for years and just happen to be one of our best-selling ranges. Guaranteed to deliver superbly softened water 24/7, they will also ensure your household appliances and surfaces stay looking clean and free from limescale. Reliable, cost-effective and renowned for working at optimum efficiency, these sturdy softeners have plenty to commend them. No wonder our customers love them! Today, we are proud to be one of the leading suppliers of Harvey Water Softeners in the south of England. Browse our shop selection!

Free tap & filter with every installation

Throughout September & October 2021 we're offering all new customers a free tap and filter worth £120 with every installation.

One visit – and one visit only – is all it takes to get you set up with your new water softener!


Save on pre-inspection visits and surveys


Everything can be arranged on delivery day – for your maximum convenience


We carry all the equipment we could possibly need on the van – saving you any unnecessary time and expense