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Kennets Water Softeners



As a budget conscious option, our Glacier product from Kennet is one of the most affordable water softeners on the market today.


Compact enough to fit neatly under a kitchen sink, or out the way in a utility room, these stylish, cost-efficient and easy to use softeners are a great way to experience the benefits of soft water in your home. Your skin will love it, your laundry will love it and it will banish that build-up of limescale and grime you get with hard water. Plus you won’t spend so much on soaps and detergents.


  • 10 litre option (for 1-3 people), 13 litre option (for 3 or more people)

  • Easy installation

  • Low power consumption

  • Metered

  • Treated

  • Keeps energy bills down



You'll notice a huge improvement if you suffer with bad skin

Technical Data                                  10 litre   13 litre

Width                                                  265mm  265mm

Height                                                 535mm  535mm

Depth                                                  460mm  460mm

Capacity                                              10L      13L  

Treated water between regens

(at 300ppm)                                       1667L   2167L

Inlet/Outlet                                        3/4”      3/4”

Power                                                  240V     240V

For information about our Kennet Water Softeners call us on 01243 607494 or email:   

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