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Uneven salt blocks Featured Image

Uneven salt blocks

Saturday, May 20, 2017


In this short video I explain why and what to do when your salt blocks go down unevenly. These are classic symptoms for Kinetico, Harvey, Twintec, Minimax, Crown, Fountain, Monarch and Hague water softeners.


Why do salt blocks go down unevenly?


A question that often gets raised is why does one block of salt reduce more
quickly than the other – when surely they should both go down at the same
rate? Don’t worry- there is nothing wrong with your water softener if you find
this happening. Actually, it’s meant to happen! If you remove the lid, you’ll see
there is actually a label on the block salt advising that salt blocks reduce at
different rates and it is perfectly normal occurrence.
The reason for this is that when your water softener regenerates, it needs to
replace the fresh water that it has used for the regeneration process. The fresh
water will hit the block of salt closest to the inlet pipe. Over time, you’ll see
that the salt nearest the pipe will dissolve slightly quicker. As a little tip, we
recommend that when both blocks have reduced down sufficiently, albeit
unevenly, that you swap them round. This will help ensure that they lower at
the same rate and you don’t end up with an imbalance.

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